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What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is full spectrum weight loss program that is overseen by a doctor. Many factors contribute to being unsuccessful such as hormone imbalance, thyroid disorder and poor food choices.  In the beginning, you’ll meet with the doctor and go over your blood test results to insure there isn’t a medical reason hindering your weight loss efforts.  We teach you how to make a lifestyle change for long-term health and wellness.  The hardest part of losing weight is making the commitment to start.  Once you have made this decision we provide all the tools necessary for you to meet your goals.
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Customized and Effective Weight Loss & Aesthetics Medical Programs That Work!

Struggling with losing weight?
Tried every fad diet with no results?
Ready to lose starting today?
At Triangle Medical Spa & Wellness you will receive a customized Weight Loss Program That Works as well as outstanding Aesthetic Skin Care that includes personal medical counseling from a board-certified physician and extremely skilled staff who have your very best interest in mind. We monitor your progress and make on-going adjustments to achieve your short and long term goals. Get Results You Will Cherish!

Medically supervised weight loss

Dr. Clark is aware that every patient has a diverse set of aesthetic and health-related goals for their weight loss experience. With this in mind, Dr. Rath will carefully customize a safe, yet effective weight loss treatment plan to target your specific weight loss objectives and health requirements. Your treatment program will be designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, and will include an integrated three-step approach to achieve enduring weight loss results:

  • Personalized daily meal schedule featuring deliciously satisfying and nutritious low-calorie meals
  • FDA-approved prescription weight loss medication
  • Individualized exercise program structured to improve your strength and flexibility while sculpting a lean, toned physique

Your MD supervised weight loss program will not only enable you to improve the appearance of your body, it will also help to enhance your overall well-being, promote better physical health, and minimize  your risk of developing many chronic health conditions associated with obesity.

What to Expect During Medical Weight Loss Consultations?

First, a complete medical history is obtained.
Second, an evaluation is made regarding possible medical conditions that may cause weight gain or inhibit weight loss.
Third an initial biometrics of weight, BMI (body mass index), percent body fat, muscle mass. In addition, a caloric intake, body measurements, blood pressure and pulse are taken.

Furthermore, these measurements are tracked at each visit. Finally a written plan at the conclusion of the consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Weight Control Clinic Benefits
You Start With a Full Physical Examination
The Weight Loss Plan Includes Exercise as Well as Diet
There’s Encouragement When You Want to Give Up
You Develop Good Habits that Help You Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Weight
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